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VELUX EW PK10 6000 Replacement Tile Flashing - 94x160cm


VELUX EW PK10 6000 Replacement Tile Flashing - 94x160cm

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Allows the upgrading of an older VELUX Roof Window, into the existing aperture. VELUX have been producing Roof Windows for 70 years and have constantly improved the windows making them more energy efficient. The EW 6000 flashing now comes with a BDX insulation collar as standard, improving thermal efficiency. Insulation collar - BDX Insulates around the roof window frame, reducing heat loss and eliminating cold bridges. Makes insulating and installing the window a simple process. Click fittings ensure a fast and accurate assembly. Features VELUX Flashings integrate with the roof covering to provide a weathertight finish around the window. They are compatible with virtually any type of roofing material, from standard covers such as slate and tile through to corrugated sheeting or even thatch. Flashings are designed to sit under the roofing materials. The water from the roof is then collected in the built-in guttering system. The Flashing apron moulds to the roof material profile to allow the water to drain away. The gutter overlaps a second section of the flashing to help the water flow smoothly down the side of the window.

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DK Logistics UK

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